Concept behind "Human Resource Economics Model"

Since after Capitalism & Communism / Socialism, H.R. Economic concept (2014) is seems to be World's 3rd Economics Model against Capitalism & Communism. Human Resource Economic Model provides the intellectual capabilities to Humankind, as to evaluate the Human Resource worth into numeric figures and further converted those numeric figures into monetary fund. Due to aforesaid capabilities, H.R. Economics seem to be a strong weapons against Crony Capitalism, Poverty, hungryness, Unemployment and other black spots on the face of Humankind.


Claims on behalf of H.R. Economic Model (2014) before Humankind :-
  1. This Economic model shall be recognized as next generation Economic Model against Capitalism and Communism.

  2. Through this Economic model, every state Worldwide shall be competent to get- rid of Poverty, Unemployment and Crony Capitalism.

  3. By gone through This Economic model, every state Worldwide shall be reducing the Corruption and Crime. All basic needs of Human being would be satisfied through this new Economic Concept. Better utilization and distribution of natural resource to be possible, by through this Economic Concept. This Economic System shall be capable to establish the Civil Society World Wide. Hence, Life survivor of Humankind to be better, after apply the aforesaid Economic Model.

  4. Current Economic Model run through only By Accounting Standards, whenever aforesaid Economic Model are capable to run on Economic Standards and Accounting Standards simultaneously. As Due to this new Economic concept, introduce Economic standards as first time.

  5. Through this H.R. Economic Model, world’s largest assets in the form of Human Resource to be valued and further converted as monetary fund. Thereafter this monetary fund to be utilized for liquidity and financial purpose.

  6. To introduce the H.R. Accounting standards along with valuation methods for the first time in the history of humankind.

  7. Introduce the Man Power Grid mechanism & controlling of Man Power grid through H.R. Accounting standards and Economic Standards.

  8. Introduce the road map for maintaining and running of H.R. Capital account on organization level and as well as National H.R. Capital account at state level.

  9. Introduce the mechanism of National H.R. Capital account and H.R. Capital account.

  10. Introduce the mechanism of Man Power Grid with other financial bodies as Central Bank and Stock Exchange and other Govt. Bodies.